I'm Rebecca, a passionate Registered Dietitian in Ontario. I blend expertise with a personal touch, sharing my journey to inspire your to make your own health transformations. Let's work together on a tailored plan that not only meets your goals but makes your well-being a delightful adventure!

I'm your Nutrition Expert... a Registered Dietitian


Having navigated the maze of nutrition information online myself, I get the confusion. I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle in 2015 and made a career shift in 2018 before becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD), which highlighted the need for a fresh perspective. I grew up as an athlete, eating a pretty standard diet so learning how to eat to thrive on a vegan diet was more difficult to figure out on my own then expected.
At Keen on Nutrition, expect straightforward plant-based tips and the best advice for navigating troubling digestive symptoms, all backed by science. My mission is clear: to simplify wellness and make healthier habits the easy choice. Let's embark on this journey to simplified wellness together!

my Mission is to help you make healthier daily nutrition habits

  • Registered Dietitian, College of Dietitians of Ontario (#16883)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Sunnybrook Hospital, Feb 2024-Present. Working in the Ross Tilley Burn Centre and Inpatient Surgical Oncology Unit.
  • Dietetic Intern at Mount Sinai Hospital, Sept-Dec 2023 with placements in GI medicine/surgery, acute care surgery, oncology, the ICU and general medicine.
  • Sport Nutrition Intern at the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO), May-August 2023.
  • Master of Health Science, Nutrition Communication, Toronto Metropolitan University, 2022-2023.
  • Bachelor of Foods and Nutrition, Honours Specialization in Nutrition & Dietetics, Brescia University College, 2019-2022.
  • Plant-based Nutrition Certificate,  T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies, 2018.
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology (Honours), Brock University, 2007-2011.

Qualifications & Experience

and personally...

  • I have a family history of inflammatory bowel disease and have seen how challenging it can be to make nutrition choices and learn who to trust... plus,
  • I've been vegetarian and vegan since 2015 so I've learned how to make the transition a little easier, how to balance healthy eating with fun choices and know exactly what supplements and foods to focus on for a balanced lifestyle!

please note that the views expressed are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer.


Imagine being able to make meal and snacks choices that felt nutritious, without restricting or feeling deprived

I want to help you thrive

Embracing a plant-based lifestyle not only increased my energy levels but also left me feeling lighter and more vibrant. What's remarkable is how seamlessly it integrated into my active lifestyle. I've been able to debunk myths that a plant-based diet is hard, missing nutrients, or isn't ideal for digestive disorders. But I also did not do it overnight...

As a professional I've seen the evidence that a plant-based diet is the healthiest choice for almost everyone - however, figuring it out on your own is not always easy, so let me help you learn how to eat more plants and thrive!

I’ve Never Been Happier & healthier

I Made A Change AND


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